Pat will be having his next live event on Thursday, April 6.

Dave Rubin will be joining him, as well former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

With Trump’s arrest hanging in the clouds, there should be more definitive answers by then as to whether or not DA Alvin Bragg’s efforts have any legs. Giuliani has often served as Trump’s legal right hand man and he knows his legal team, past and present. Expect some light to be shed on Michael Cohen, the Trump fixture who the prosecution is trying to use as their star witness.

And with Pat’s experience interviewing mafia kingpins (ie Sammy “The Bull”), expect some conversation about Giuliani’s time as a US Attorney in New York City. He orchestrated one of the biggest drug busts in mafia history in the “Pizza Connection saga”, where a mafia international cocaine and heroin ring was exposed. Not since Elliot Ness’s famous mob prosecutions in the 30’s had a US Attorney garnered so much press. And where is the mafia now? Giuliani might be able to speak on that.

Dave Rubin spoke with Ron DeSantis recently and will have a unique insight on the Trump-DeSantis war of words. It’s been heating up since Trump announced his looming arrest. With so many back and fourth barbs, you’re gonna need an on the ground person to make sense of it all.

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