Just one week after Andrew Tate sat down with Patrick Bet-David in Romania to discuss his time in jail — and the lack of an indictment against him — the social media influencer gets hit with formal charges of rape, human trafficking, and formation of an organized crime group to exploit women. Although Tate has not personally commented on the indictment, he predicted its arrival in our interview. Listen to Tate deny the allegations and address the political conspiracy against him HERE.

A Romanian judge now has 60 days to inspect the case files before the case can be sent to trial. Andrew’s brother, Tristan Tate, faces the same charges. Watch our interview with Tristan.

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Mateea Petrescu, Tate’s spokesperson, said Tate’s legal team is “prepared to cooperate fully with the appropriate authorities, presenting all necessary evidence to exonerate the brothers and expose any misinterpretations or false accusations.” The brothers will attend a hearing in Bucharest, Romania on Wednesday morning and are prepared to “demonstrate their innocence and vindicate their reputation.”

Tate’s team also stated that the formal indictment now allows them to “present a comprehensive body of evidence, diligently collected and prepared over time, which will undoubtedly substantiate the brothers’ claims of innocence.”

With separate charges alleging money laundering and trafficking of minors still under investigation, controversy around the Tate brothers is likely to continue as they build their claims of innocence – this won’t be over anytime soon. Watch our exclusive interview with Andrew below to hear his side of the story:

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