Hunter Biden, the son of sitting President Joe Biden, pled guilty to federal charges of tax evasion. Biden faced two counts of willfully failing to pay federal income taxes in 2018 and 2019. See the information for yourself HERE: Biden Tax Evasion Information

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) alleged the President’s son knowingly and willfully avoided to pay income tax in excess of $100,000.00. On top of the misdemeanors collected from tax fraud, Biden was also charged with unlawfully possessing a firearm – due to his addiction to controlled substances. Take a look HERE: Biden Gun Information

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Luckily for Biden, the gun charges were directed to a Pretrial Diversion Agreement. This means that after completion of a diversion program, Biden’s gun charge could be revoked. Ironically, the charges were filed now rather than when the accusations initially arose during the 2020 election. Some would say the years of delay are almost as mysterious as the infamous laptop scandal – which also wasn’t addressed until Joe Biden became President.

In light of Biden’s recent elusiveness and scandals, the charges are welcomed by many voters and being taken into consideration as Joe Biden prepares to run (or at least attempt to walk/stumble) his way into re-election.

Biden’s attorney Christopher Clark stated Biden “believes it is important to take responsibility for these mistakes he made during a period of turmoil and addiction in his life” and “looks forward to continuing his recovery and moving forward.” Notably, Biden feels this tremendous guilt and remorse years after the fact and after denials of any wrongdoing by the Biden family. Unsurprisingly, Joe Biden and the White House had no immediate comment on the case as they continue to distance themselves from the Justice Department (at least, in this case).

The Associated Press highlighted an interesting point – although it is technically not unheard of, the peculiarity of federal charges being resolved the same instant they are filed in court should raise some eyebrows. Biden will not be facing any jail time after negotiating a deal with United States Attorney David Weiss.

Hunter Biden’s plea deal comes as the President and his son continuously face inquiries from Republican lawmakers over an alleged $5 million bribery scheme involving Ukraine.

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