Maybe the U.S. Government is finally fighting back against the REvil ransomware gangs that have been holding companies, agencies and corporations hostage by shutting down their computer systems and not returning them until they are paid a ransom. 

They cyber terrorists presence on the dark web has disappeared overnight. It went dark Tuesday, which means some entity possibly shut down their servers. 

Lawrence Abrams is the creator of the security blog called BleepingComputer, and he was quoted by CNN saying:  “All REvil sites are down, including the payment sites and data leak site. The public ransomware gang represenative [sic], Unknown, is strangely quiet.”

REvil has been incredibly brazen, striking an American gas pipeline, meat processor, huge IT software company, and hundreds and hundreds of other victims.  They shut down a companies computer network and steal the encrypting data that is not returned until a ransom is paid. 

The group, which is believed to be located in Russia or somewhere in Eastern Europe has been paid tens of millions of dollars, as victims literally have no other choice but to pay if they want access to their data and computers. 

Steve Moore is a strategist for a company called Exabeam.  Here’s what he told CNN could be the reason for REvil going dark. 

“This outage could be criminal maintenance, planned retirement, or, more likely, the result of an offensive response to the criminal enterprise — we don’t know.”

Whatever the reason, hopefully they are permanently out of business. 

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