Republican Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler might have had December election runoff victories in the bag, but their chances at re-election are turning dicey in January.

Their re-election bids in the races for Georgia’s seats – and party control of the U.S. Senate – are up in the air for Tuesday’s runoff election. Polling by shows Perdue trailing Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff by 1.6 points (49.0% to 47.4%) and Loeffler trailing Democratic challenger Rafael Warnock by 2.0 points (49.3% to 47.3%).

“It is not looking particularly good for Loeffler and Perdue,” a Super Pac source with GUV PAC told Newsmax.

Perdue and Loeffler were viewed as comfortable leaders a few weeks ago, but they head into Tuesday with concern over a low turnout for Republican voters. Republicans were counting on a strong early-voting turnout with the hefty implications. A Democratic sweep would split the Senate’s party lines at 50-50, with incoming Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris serving as any vote’s tiebreaker.

Instead, a source told Newsmax that Republicans have submitted early votes at the same percentage as they did in the Nov. 3 general election: 35.2%. Meanwhile, Democrats increased their early-voting participation by 6%.

Another poll by Trafalgar Group showed the Democrats each holding leads as of late December – Ossoff by 2.7 points and Warnock by 0.8 points.

President Donald Trump’s Monday-night visit to Georgia is intended to swing Tuesday’s voter turnout in favor of the Republican incumbents. The Republican National Committee is hosting the “Victory Rally” at the Dalton Regional Airport. And a rally is exactly what the Republicans need to come from behind.

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