On Wednesday, Patrick Bet-David flew out to Austin, Texas, for an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience two years in the making. Election fraud, ESG, COVID coverups, and the odds of a Rogan-Trump sit-down—this episode was well worth the wait.

Joe Rogan has rejected ever doing an interview with Donald Trump but comments made during a podcast with Patrick Bet-David indicate he may change his mind.

1. Alternative Media and Political Futures

The 2024 campaign is heating up and certain candidates are already starting to fade … and few are fading faster than Joe Biden. It seems like Gavin Newsom is running a shadow campaign without a formal announcement and with Republicans fighting to challenge Trump, it might be too soon to call the race for anyone in particular. PBD and Rogan discussed their thoughts on the Democrats replacing Biden on the ballot and the state of the Republican primary.

Meanwhile, alternative media outlets are gaining influence, edging out mainstream sources. Podcasters like Rogan and PBD have carved out a new space for themselves, and now that Tucker Carlson is expanding as well, there’s a chance this might be the last election where conventional media has an edge.

2. PBD wants Rogan to get Donald Trump on the JRE

By the end of the episode, Joe Rogan was convinced PBD stopped by just to sell him on interviewing Donald Trump. Rogan has always said he has no interest in helping the former president … but after this episode, he may actually be warming up to the idea.

3.“I Know It’s Not Zero” — PDB and Joe Rogan Talk Election Fraud

Rogan doesn’t know how much fraud was involved in the 2020 election … but he agrees that it happened. With another election right around the corner — and a Trump v. Biden rematch seeming like a real possibility — what steps should the country take to avoid a repeat of the last time? PBD and Rogan broke down the strategy behind voter IDs and election security.

4.“A Monopoly That’s Not Illegal” — The Power of BlackRock and ESG

PBD and Rogan deconstructed the power of groups like Black Rock pushing Environmental, Social, and Governance policies on corporate America. This corrupt system is a $66 Trillion Dollar powerhouse in American politics — and yet almost no one understands how it works.

See that full exchange here:

And for more on the ESG agenda and Black Rock CEO Larry Fink, check out PBD’s explainer videos on the YouTube channel!

Watch the full episode of The Joe Rogan Experience with Patrick Bet-David here

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