NFL football is by far the most popular programming on network television, and it’s not even close. But the league is always looking for ways to grow, evolve, and make more money, and unlike the NBA and MLB, the NFL pivots and takes risks on a regular basis. 

Here’s their latest enhancement to their broadcast package; Amazon will incorporate YouTube legends Dude Perfect into their Thursday Night Football coverage on Prime Video. 

Here’s part of the announcement from Amazon. 

“The internationally renowned masters of the impossible will deliver an unprecedented and rollicking TNF viewing experience that the entire family can enjoy together. Passionate NFL fans and the kings of viral sports videos (58 million subscribers on YouTube), The Dudes are setting out to raise the stakes with off-the-wall challenges, good-spirited ribbing, and life-changing dares rooted in on-field action.”

Dude Perfect has a cult-like following amongst young people, and this seems like a great idea to merge the cultural phenomena that Dude Perfect has become with the most popular televised sport in the world. 

Amazon has made a big investment to get in on the NFL game. They have the exclusive rights to Thursday Night Football for 11 years and are paying $1 billion annually for it. 

As for what the trick shot artists will be doing on the broadcast, look for challenges and world record attempts on a weekly basis. Similar to the Manning cast on ESPN, Dude Perfect will also bring in special guests to hang with them.

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