1946 was a long time ago. 76 years ago, someone checked out a book from the Bradford Council’s Keighley Library in England. It was finally returned three-quarters of a century later by a man named Charlie Studdy, who found “This Way To The Tomb” by Ronald Duncan sorting through some of his family’s books, according to the UPI.

The library posted a message on Twitter saying this was a very rare occurrence. 

“That is definitely a record for us, nearly 76 years overdue.”

Now to the good part; how much of a fine had to be paid? Well, even though a late fee of roughly $4,357.86 would have been incurred, officials waived the fine.  

“We obviously wouldn’t charge Mr. Studdy for his mother’s overdue book, and readers can rest assured we would never charge more than the book is worth, however late it is!”

It is believed the book was checked out by Studdy’s late mother, who was an avid reader but also rather forgetful. 

Before being checked out in July of 1946, the book had only been sitting on the library shelves for one month, and she was the second person to check it out. 

The book is now back on display and available to be checked out again at that same library. 

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