Kevin Ford is a stud and an inspiration to millions. The 54-yeard old from Las Vegas just recently retired from his job of 27 years working as a cook at a Burger King in the Las Vegas International airport.  For almost three decades, he never took a day off. Not even once. 

The parent company that owned the Burger King honored Ford by slapping him in the face, providing him a “gift basket” of a single movie ticket, a Starbucks cup, Life Savers, a bag of Reese’s Pieces, and a bunch of other insulting trinkets. 

Ford posted details, and he was then flooded with support by people disgusted by the low-class move of HMS Host. 

After Ford’s TikTok went viral, his daughter created a GoFundMe page to support Ford in his retirement so he could drive to visit his children and grandkids out of state. 

Here’s what his daughter Sryna wrote on the fundraiser site. 

“He originally began working at this job as a single father when he gain custody of me and my older sister 27 years ago. Then as our family grew and he remarried, he continue [sic] to work here because of the amazing health insurance that was provided through this employer because it was unionized. Which got all four of his daughters through high school and college with full healthcare coverage.”

One person who saw the post and came to the rescue is David Spade.  The actor and comedian donated $5,000 and reached out personally to Ford on Instagram to congratulate him. 

Here’s what Spade wrote. 

“Keep up the good work. 27 years.”

Here’s what Ford responded with. 

“HOLY S— Dude!!! Cannot Believe This!!!”

Goodness prevails.  The GoFundMe account is up to $55,000. 

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