Another day, another whopper of a story involving Elon Musk. Is he the richest person in the world? Yes.

Is he the most interesting man in the world? It depends on whom you ask. 

Is he the most talked about and reported on person in the world? It appears so. 

Musk took a break from multiple CEO gigs and lawsuits to go on a podcast with the Nelk Boys and John Shahidi this week, and he talked about the hammer coming down on him from the feds after he toked it up with Rogan on the Joe Rogan Experience in 2018. 

Here’s the backstory.  Musk was on the show in September 2018, and he and Rogan talked about Tesla’s plan for an airplane.  That’s when they lit up a blunt, and the fallout happened quickly. 

This was when Rogan was still in Southern California and not Texas, but smoking pot was a federal crime, and since SpaceX receives a lot of fat government contracts, the FBI began making regular visits to give him a urine test.

Seeing Musk smoke on the show reportedly ticked off NASA leaders and brought a much brighter spotlight on SpaceX as they collaborated on space projects. 

Musk said immediately after it happened, his phone was buzzing with messages from friends, asking, “‘What the hell are you doing smoking weed?’”   

Musk said he is not a regular pot smoker; it gets in the way of productivity he claims. It also ensured random drug tests from the federal government which can also get in the way of productivity.

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