New York City wants to be a part of it – the country’s reopening, that is.

And the Big Apple is on track to do so July 1, according to the city’s mayor, Bill de Blasio.

“We are ready for stores to open, for businesses to open, offices, theaters, full strength,” de Blasio said Thursday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

The mayor said earlier this week that the city’s COVID-19 positivity rate has seen a drastic drop. Coronavirus-related hospitalizations and new reported cases in the city are also continuing to drop.

Thursday on MSNBC, de Blasio said: “Amazingly right now, we are below most of the thresholds that we had set to show that the city could continue to come back strong. We’re going to continue to keep driving back COVID through vaccinations.”

As of Wednesday, roughly 36% of the city’s adult population was fully vaccinated, according to city data, and more than half received at least one dose.

The comments from de Blasio come one day after New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced an end to dining curfews statewide and bans on bar seating in the city starting next month. 

At a press briefing Thursday afternoon, de Blasio clarified that July 1 is not set in stone, referring to the target as “a goal” and said that he has not spoken to Cuomo about the plan. 

As for the particulars, Broadway is on track for opening by September. The full-capacity openings are targeted for restaurants, hair salons, gyms and arenas. The city’s smaller theaters could reopen this summer, with schools at “full strength” in the fall.

“I think people are going to flock to New York City because they want to live again,” de Blasio said on “Morning Joe.”

There was no clear indication on the status of mask mandates.

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