The final months of President Donald Trump’s administration have certainly been tumultuous, but one of his former staffers is willing to go further.

Trump’s former communications director Omarosa Manigault Newman told MSNBC’s Alex Witt that Trump is “going through a psychotic episode.”

Manigault Newman, more easily recognized as just “Omarosa,” rose to cultural fame as a contestant on Trump’s reality show “The Apprentice” and subsequently was hired by the White House Office of Public Liaison. She served for only a year, being fired in December 2017.

Since the Nov. 3 election defeat, Trump has made claims about election fraud and pursued lawsuits that have not worked out.

The question that inspired the “psychotic episode” answer had to do with whether Trump really believes he won the election.

“I think that he has come to terms with his loss,” Manigault Newman said, “but his arrogance, his ego will not allow him to accept that he is not going to be president come January.”

She added a television reference concerning Trump’s former entertainment career, believing Trump is “trying to produce a moment” to change the results.

“I really feel bad for those who are left because the reality is that Donald is going to … blame everyone for his loss except for himself,” she said, adding that Vice President Mike Pence will fall directly into Trump’s path when he leads the Jan. 6 joint session of Congress held to certify the election.

Regarding Trump’s plans for a Jan. 6 rally, Manigault Newman said, “I think Donald Trump is going to seize this moment to make it all about himself. (He) will make it the Donald Trump show instead of allowing President-elect Joe Biden to really savor in the moment.”

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