How 2021 is this? There’s a very successful and large company where employees could get in trouble for working.  Yes, doing your job will be frowned upon for every office employee around the globe that works for Nike. 

Here’s the order from the top, which was delivered via a post on Linkedin by Matt Marrazzo,  Senior manager of global marketing and science at Nike.  (This guy could use a week off to shorten his job title to something more manageable.)

“Our senior leaders are all sending a clear message: Take the time to unwind, destress and spend time with your loved ones. Do not work.”

Sir, yes sir!  That is an order, do not work. The week off started yesterday. Here’s more. 

“This past year has been rough – we’re all human! and living through a traumatic event! – but I’m hopeful that the empathy and grace we continue to show our teammates will have a positive impact on the culture of work moving forward. It’s not just a “week off” for the team… it’s an acknowledgment that we can prioritize mental health and still get work done.”

Oh, Nike isn’t the only company to hand out free weeks off from work during the pandemic. It’s a growing fad. 

Bumble hooked their employees up with a week off this summer to avoid “burnout.”

In April, Linkedin told their employees to take a week to themselves.  Their reason was to “unplug.”

If you’re at work, and reading this story, my apologies that your company is so old fashioned. 

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