Just over a year ago, in the middle of the pandemic, the world was engrossed in a much needed entertainment diversion on Netflix. It was the documentary called “The Last Dance,” which chronicled the Chicago Bulls final championship season, through the memory and words of Michael Jordan. 

It was a fascinating show.  One of the best side stories was what happened in the middle of the season, when Dennis Rodman took a break from the team for two days to take a little mini vacation in Las Vegas. 

Rodman in Vegas.  At the height of his popularity.  Now that would make a good movie if they showed what really happened. 

Well, there’s going to be a movie.  Will Hollywood screw it up? Most likely. 

It’s going to be called “48 Hours in Vegas.” It will portray Rodman’s two day romp in Sin City.  It will be distributed by Lionsgate. Here’s what they said in a statement. 

“This movie takes you on an unforgettable ride with the myth, the legend, and also the man that Dennis is, behind everything you think you know.”

Sounds great in a press release.  What about on the screen?

The producers are going to take some liberties with the facts.  When Rodman did this in real life, he did it in the middle of the season. The movie will depict a trip to Vegas in the middle of the NBA Finals. 

There’s no word on how they will possibly be able to cast this movie.  How do you find an actor that has the charisma, unpredictably, and craziness of Rodman?  Put Kevin Hart on some very big stilts?

Here’s what the producers are saying about the film. 

“Dennis refused to follow the herd. That is what made him a target and it’s also what made him a star. His weekend in Las Vegas is full of fun and hijinks but it is also full of important questions about the way public figures, and workers, are treated, especially when their individuality is expressed so vividly.”

Rodman is one of the most interesting and entertaining athletes of our lifetime.  Let’s see if Hollywood can handle the challenge of matching his aura on film. 

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