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With the recent passing of Muhammad Ali who was known as the greatest boxer of all time, I decided to dedicate this episode to him because I think everybody has a Muhammad Ali story.

I’m going to talk about 10 lessons we can all learn as entrepreneurs from Muhammad Ali.

Here are 10 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Mohammad Ali:

1. Stand up for Your Beliefs — 0:34
2. Take Advantage of your Platform — 1:45
3. Be Vocal– 2:58
4. Don’t be Afraid to Get Your Ass Kicked- 3:50
5. Be Extremely Competitive – 6:18
6. Watch your Associations – 8:11
7. Have Faith – 8:42
8. Belief – 10:30
9. Be a Student- 12:16
10. Self-Promote – 14:18

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