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I got a request from a friend of mine who was the Michael Jordan of our high school. He now runs a very successful transportation company.

He asked us to do a video on how to start and finish a project. A lot of entrepreneurs have a lot of ideas. It’s not uncommon to spend a lot of time or money (or both) and ending up getting nothing done. That’s irritating and frustrating!

In this video I talk about a process you can use that will help you get better at project management.

First, there are three rules you need to keep in mind:

Rule #1: 90% of projects we come up with are worthless. 0:55

Rule #2: #2: Think in “Bites.” 1:49

Rule #3: Prioritize Your Ideas – 2:24

There are 5 Steps:

#1: Ideation – 2:59

#2: Initiation — 7:36

#3: How Long will this take? 10:02

#4: Inspection — 11:26

#5: Implementation – 12:07

An example of these steps in action — 13:02

For detailed notes and links to resources mentioned in this video, visit

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