Famous YouTuber MrBeast is now celebrating a milestone that only one other person in the world has accomplished. MrBeast now has the most Youtube subscribers around the globe. The influencer beat out Youtube influencer PewDewPie on Nov. 11th to reach the milestone. MrBeast has over 111 million subscribers. I’m sure you know who he is, but if you don’t, his real name is Jimmy Donaldson. Donaldson has gained his social media fame by giving cash and cars away to fans. While the exact net worth of Donaldson is unknown, it is safe to say he is a millionaire. 

You may wonder why you never jumped on board to become an influencer. It seems easy, but just like any other start-up company, it takes patience, persistence, and a lot of time before you see a return on your investment. MrBeast is an example of that. He first started uploading videos to Youtube in 2012. He did not gain the bulk of his followers until 2018. He put in a lot of time to do it. During a fan appreciation video, he expressed how he wakes up every day, and all he does is think of ways to make the best video possible. 

Maybe you can one day take the title from MrBeast while becoming a millionaire. If that’s your plan, influencermarketinghub.com created a checklist with these tips to get you started. 

  • Decide on your niche
  • Outline the goal of your channel
  • Brainstorm content ideas
  • Develop a content schedule 
  • Assess your equipment
  • Create and optimize your channel 
  • Upload and learn from your first video

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