Incredibly, a mother and daughter duo in Southern California was able to pass themselves off as qualified medical professionals capable of doing complicated butt enhancement surgeries out of their home. 

Detectives now say Libby Adame and her daughter Alicia Gomez have been arrested for murder for performing a botched Brazilian butt lift on a budding social media star who died. 

Karissa Rajpa was in the process of undergoing her third procedure with the mother and daughter when she suffered acute respiratory failure from dangerous silicone injections and died.  

What makes matters even more sad and morbid, after the mother and daughter injected Raipa and she started having the complications, the two women called 911 then left the house where Raipa died. 

Here’s what LAPD Deputy Chief Alan Hamilton said about the mother-daughter. 

“They took people’s cash and we know in a couple of incidents, it resulted in murder.”

Authorities fear there could be many many more victims, even up to a hundred or more people who may have gone to the mother-daughter for the procedure. 

Brazilian butt lifts have gone up by 77% in the past few years and are extremely popular. 

The two women arrested ran a cash only basis, and may have done procedures in Las Vegas and other parts of the country along with the Los Angeles area. 

A plastic surgeon quoted in a story by NewsNation told the news outlet that it’s not uncommon for fraudulent medical professionals who have no training to actually use silicone material they get from Home Depot or Lowe’s. 

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