The Nashville bombing investigation, with court documents obtained by the Daily Mail, continues to produce some intriguing storylines.

Anthony Quinn Warner, 63, who died in the motor home explosion Christmas Day, was facing a suit filed by his mother, Betty Lane, regarding $250,000 in inheritance, a report says.

Warner was named by the FBI on Sunday as the lone suspect.

Some background: Warner’s brother, Steven, 62, did not have a will when he died in 2018. He had lived in a home left to him by his father, Charles, in 2011. Warner then took over the estate responsibilities.

However, according to court records seen by the Daily Mail, at a February 2019 circuit court hearing, a judge ruled that Warner’s mother was the proper individual to control Steven’s estate.

Lane, divorced from husband Charles (who died in 2011), is pressing for compensation based on her belief that the home legally belonged to her. She claims Warner fraudulently claimed the property in a deed transfer a month before his brother’s death.

That property was gifted, by Warner, to 29-year-old Michelle Swing who was based in LA. Swing gave the property back to Lane on Aug. 7.

The bombing injured three people and occurred early in the morning hours. It was accompanied by a recorded warning that a bomb would soon detonate. Then, the audio switched to a recording of Petula Clark’s 1964 hit “Downtown” shortly before the blast.

According to the Daily Mail, “The mother-son suit appeared to have been resolved by November of this year, however, after Swing used the same transfer process to give the three-bed, single-story property back to Lane, who is still residing there today.”

FBI Special Agent Doug Korneski told reporters Sunday that the agency is “looking at any and all possible motive.”

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