More than 50% of women under the age of 35 consider listening to “The Joe Rogan Experience” to be a major red flag in the dating world, according to new polling data. The Change Research survey revealed growing liberal trends among Millennial and Gen Z women, ranking being a JRE fan alongside other disturbing qualities like supporting the MAGA movement and believing there are only two genders.

Change Research, a polling firm based in San Francisco and affiliated with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, acquired data from 1,033 registered female voters between the ages of 18 and 35, asking about political affiliation, dating preferences, and economic outlooks. Regarding dating, respondents were asked to apply “red flags,” “beige flags,” or “green flags” to different personality traits or hobbies in a potential partner. (Red flags are warnings against dating someone, green are points in their favor, and beige is neither good nor bad but rather potentially confusing.)

According to the results, 55% of women consider listening to “The Joe Rogan Experience” to be a turnoff in a potential partner, compared to only 35% of men who responded to a similar survey. Only 7% of female respondents considered being a fan of the most popular podcast in the world to be a green flag.

Fortunately for Rogan, listening to his hit show wasn’t the worst thing a man in the dating pool can do. In fact, Rogan placed well behind never asking for details, believing there are only two genders, saying “All Lives Matter,” having no hobbies, and, worst of all, identifying as MAGA. Rogan tied for sixth place with being a communist, just ahead of being a conservative and not liking the Barbie movie.

More than 50% of Millenial and Gen Z women under 35 consider listening to “The Joe Rogan Experience” to be a major red flag in a potential romantic partner.
(Change Research)

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The list continues from there, revealing a wide range of red and green flags for both men and women in the Millennial and Gen Z age ranges. Overall, the poll highlights an already-observable trend of females becoming far more liberal than their male counterparts. As Valuetainment previously reported, an annual Monitoring the Future survey from the University of Michigan found that roughly one-quarter of male high school seniors self-identified as conservative or “very conservative.” Only 13% of boys identified as liberal within the three years of the survey. Meanwhile, 30% of girls in that same age group now identify as liberal.

But despite the amusing insights these results offer, the feedback from the economics portion revealed a more sobering reality in which all parties agree: only 4% of respondents believe the United States is on the right track. Most Millennials and Gen Z-ers expressed little to no confidence in their ability to own a home, start a business, retire, or even stop living paycheck-to-paycheck.

At the same time, those under 35 are more politically active than ever, with 79% intending to vote in the 2024 election. 58% of them would vote for Biden compared to 30% for Trump, though the split is far narrower among males. Men also showed a slight preference for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over Trump and Biden.

As the election approaches, culture and politics podcasts are likely to increase in popularity, though the effect this will have on the dating market remains to be seen. Overall, 36% of men consume podcasts regularly, reporting “The Joe Rogan Experience” and “The Ben Shapiro Show” as their preferred options.

So if you’re inclined to throw up some red flags of your own, check out this clip of Patrick Bet-David and Joe Rogan breaking down the sinister influence of George Soros and Larry Fink on the American economy.

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