The mainstream news narrative suggests more young people as liberal, however, one survey shockingly revealed that twelfth-grade boys becoming overwhelmingly conservative.

In an annual Monitoring the Future survey from the University of Michigan, roughly one-quarter of high school seniors self-identified as conservative or “very conservative.” Only 13 percent of boys identified as liberal within the three years of the survey.

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This survey shows a striking shift in the political views of Gen Z boys compared to the late 2000s when liberal boys outnumbered conservatives. According to The Hill, both boys and girls leaned liberal in the President Carter era.

According to an analysis by the Survey Center on American Life, 43 percent of young men identified as moderate, 31 percent as conservative, and 24 percent as liberal.

Gearing in the complete opposite direction, high school girls were shown to be drifting to the left. The share of senior girls who identified as liberal rose from 19 percent in 2021 to an astounding 30 percent in 2022. Only 12 percent of girls identified as conservative in last year’s survey, administered by the University of Michigan.

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According to an NBC News poll from 2022, generation Z favored liberalism over conservatism by a 48 to 33 margin. The leftward drift of young women assisted in the pendulum swinging left because 10 years earlier, young adults split evenly between the two political spheres.

The Hill questions the validity of this survey, stating that in the 2022 survey, the largest group of senior boys claimed no politics at all, answering the liberal-conservative question of “I don’t know” and “none of the above.”

Nearly one-fifth identified as moderate, leaving 36 percent of boys selecting either liberal or conservative ideologies.

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