Are you one of those people that forgets your passwords?  Don’t save them? Confuse them with others?

When it comes to Microsoft, that will not stop you from accessing Outlook, Skype, Xbox Live and OneDrive.

The Seattle-based tech behemoth started allowing users the option to completely delete password authentication. 

In the place of the password will be a combo of much more high tech alternative of options, like hardware security keys, biometrics, and Windows Hello facial recognition.  The Microsoft Authenticator app that runs on iPhones and Android phones will get users in on their mobile device. 

Passwords were fun while they lasted, and convenient assuming you remembered them, but there are problems associated to that sort of function that is motivating most of the big tech companies to get away from them. 

The biometric option, which is fingerprint and facial identification is much more effective warding off potential hackers. And easier. 

CNET laid out in a story the reasons why passwords are becoming not only obsolete, but dangerous to continue to use them. Many people use the same password for multiple accounts, including credit card and banking, so a data breach can have the severity multiplied pretty quickly. 

Here’s what Vasu Jakkal of Microsoft said in a statement. 

“If you decide you prefer using a password, you can always add it back to your account. But I hope you’ll give passwordless a try — I don’t think you’ll want to go back.”

It’s a trend that is certainly catching on. Over 50 million Microsoft customers have decided to go password-less in the past year, bringing the total to over 200 million worldwide. 

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