I guess you would have to call this “taste testing.” 

Taco Bell is trying out a monthly subscription service with roughly 20 restaurants in Tucson and across Arizona. 

The way it works is customers can pay for what’s called a “Taco Lover’s Pass,” that costs between $5 and $10 per month.  

With that app-based pass, users can get one taco per day for 30 days.

What kind of tacos you ask? A whole range, including the basic soft taco, a spicy potato soft taco, Doritos tacos, and crunchy tacos according to a report by CNN. 

Taco Bell would not be the first restaurant to jump into the subscription services arena.  Burger King once had some sort of coffee subscription that no longer exists.  Panera offers a program for $9 per month that lets their customers get a free hot or iced coffee every single day.   Which still exists, and actually sounds like a pretty good deal.

Louisville, Kentucky based Yum brands owns Taco Bell, and they told investors in an earnings call recently that their goal for 2021 is to pump up digital sales. 

 And getting a taco a day with their new subscription is one way they will be attempting to do that. 

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