There is just no way to overstate how much some young people don’t want to work in an office. 

Is it fear? Laziness? Stubbornness? The dawning of a new age?  It is most likely a combo of all of those elements, and Google is learning it firsthand. 

The tech giant is hearing from employees telling execs they need to re-evaluate their resistance to full-time remote working.  The plan for the company was to have their “Googlers” start coming to the office at least three days a week starting on January 10th. 

That is just too traumatic for many of the workers to comprehend, and they are so adamant about not wanting to come in and work in the office that significant numbers have said they will quit and look for jobs in places where they can work in the sweats and jammies all day. 

Here’s what one employee who works as a director at Google told Insider. 

“I think Google still really has an uphill battle on its hands, convincing everyone that we are, at some point shortly, going to need to be in the office for a good portion of the week,” This issue has become increasingly divisive among staff and, in my experience, is leading to growing attrition. A lot of employees are thinking about quitting Google in favor of a workplace with more favorable remote-working conditions.”

Here’s the problem with the exclusive work from home model.  Google was built on innovation and collaboration.  It’s a big reason they are successful, and the definition of “collaboration” doesn’t involve a 28-year old engineer sitting in his kitchen, on a Zoom call, with his pet kitty in his lap.

In August, Google announced they had approved about 85% of the 10,000 or so requests to work remotely, but those workers face a salary cut up to 15%. 

So, in essence, many Google employees want to work from home permanently and receive the same pay and benefits as they would receive by showing up to the office. 

Welcome to 2021. 

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