You’ve heard the term “functional alcoholic”? There’s a good reason that the term “functional meth addict” isn’t a common phrase.

One meth user became spooked while on board a United Airlines flight and – while clearly not in his right mind – told a passenger he was going to jump, and then did it.

Fortunately, Flight 5365 was not in the air at time. It was preparing for takeoff at Los Angeles International Airport on Friday night.

The meth guy, 33-year-old Luis Antonio Victoria Dominguez of La Paz, Mexico, now has his story out there for all to see, courtesy of a Washington Post piece recounting his actions.

Victoria Dominguez said he paid $20 for “a lot of meth.”

After he thought he heard passengers say the flight was not going to its intended destination of Salt Lake City, told a woman next to him he was going to jump out.

According to the Department of Justice, he faces up to 20 years in prison.

The criminal complaint, seen by Business Insider, accuses Victoria Dominguez of knocking on the cockpit door and then opening the emergency exit and jumping.

After his arrest, the jumper was taken to a local hospital with injuries to his right leg.

While at the hospital, he was queried by the FBI and said (via the complaint):

  • He arrived in Los Angeles from Mexico earlier in the week. 
  • He didn’t have a connecting flight for Salt Lake City so he stayed at a downtown hotel.
  • He paid the $20 for “a lot” of meth and drank multiple beers, smoked more the next two days then missed his Thursday flight.
  • He returned to LAX on Friday — and missed his original afternoon flight. 
  • He made it to the 6:30 p.m. flight. That’s when “the jump” happened.

He added that perhaps his panic attack gave him the strength to open the door, the complaint said.

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