Andrew Tate, social media personality and former professional kickboxer, appeared in Romanian court yesterday following his indictment from Tuesday. Tate and his brother Tristan faced charges of rape, human trafficking, forming an organized criminal group, and inciting to hit at the Bucharest Court while surrounded by bodyguards. 

Mateea Petrescu, Tate’s spokesperson, previously said Tate’s legal team is “prepared to cooperate fully with the appropriate authorities, presenting all necessary evidence to exonerate the brothers and expose any misinterpretations or false accusations.”


Tate’s assistant Georgiana Naghel and Luana Radu also face charges in the case and were arrested along with the Tate brothers in December 2022. Romania’s Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) alleged the four defendants orchestrated a criminal enterprise in 2021 to commit the crime of human trafficking in Romania, Great Britain, and the United States. Other charges include money laundering, aiding and abetting, and influencing statements.

According to DIICOT, Tate lured the women with false declarations of love and seduced them via the “loverboy” method by promising marriage and/or relationships. 

Seven women alleged Tate misled and transported them to Romania where they were sexually exploited and forced to film pornography in exchange for money. The prosecution’s witnesses claim because they were in debt, Tate was able to manipulate and control them via intimidation and constant surveillance. The brothers were under house arrest pending an investigation into the allegations. 

The indictment states that in March 2022, one of the alleged victims was forced to “engage in sexual relations” due to “physical violence” and “psychological torture.” Another count alleges that in October 2021, one of the defendants hacked into an alleged victim’s social media account and posted “compromising photos.” The indictment also maintains that in October 2021, an alleged victim was physically abused after refusing to continue making pornographic content and requested to leave.

Tate’s team also stated that the formal indictment now allows them to “present a comprehensive body of evidence, diligently collected and prepared over time, which will undoubtedly substantiate the brothers’ claims of innocence.”

June 21 Hearing

Prosecutors sought to extend the house arrest on Tuesday, prompting the Wednesday hearing. At the hearing, Tate’s lawyers argued that the brothers should no longer be under house arrest. Their lawyer, Ioan Gliga, told reporters the brothers consider the measure “unjustified” and  “categorically don’t want to remain under house arrest.”

The Bucharest Court did not rule on Wednesday and extended the matter to Friday, June 23. It is still not clear when the trial will start but the Court is expected to decide whether or not the Tate pair is to remain under house arrest or if a lighter measure is appropriate. However, even if the court releases the brothers from house arrest, it’s likely they will face a ban from leaving Romania until after the trial. 

DIICOT prosecutors also prompted the Court to seize and retain Tate’s assets during the duration of the trial. The assets included: 15 properties, 15 luxury cars worth around $8 million, 14 watches, shares held in four commercial companies, approximately $107,670 USD and 21 BTC.

Tate’s team told the press the brothers request that “the media and public have patience and refrain from making premature judgments until all the facts are presented in court and to respect the basic principle of democracy – the presumption of innocence.” 

PBD Podcast Exclusive

Despite the recent controversy with BBC, the Tate brothers provided an exclusive interview to Valuetainment and sat down with Patrick Bet-David to discuss jail time and predictions for the future. Watch our exclusive interview with Andrew below to hear his side of the story.

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