On this episode of the Biz Doc Podcast, we’ll learn more about the ongoing aftermath of SVB, bank failures & what it means for consumers and small businesses. Plus, we’ll discuss how bankruptcies (personal or business) happen slowly then SUDDENLY and how to avoid it.

The Biz Doc podcast is a weekly show, that covers the latest news and trends in the business world. Our host Tom Ellsworth offers his insights on the latest business news and offers advice to entrepreneurs and business owners. The show also features interviews with business leaders and experts.

0:00 – Start
2:38 – Streaming Service Prices Way Up
9:02 – Carl Schwab Gains $16.5 Billion Dollars over the Weekend
22:20 – Breaking Update: UBS Buys Out Credit Suisse Bank!
23:47 – How Does Bankruptcy Happen? | CREDIT SUISSE Case Study
36:47 – ASK THE DOC
44:44 – The Unexpected Resurgence of Vinyl Albums

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