Kyrie Irving says strange things sometimes. 

“The world is flat.”  

“Steak doesn’t come from anything natural.”

“I plan on re-signing with the Celtics.”

He went scorched earth on Nike last week, calling his new signature shoe “trash” and saying he had absolutely nothing to do with them. 

Well, he backpedaled on Wednesday.  Maybe courtesy of some conversations with Nike reps, lawyers, his agent, I’m not sure, but his tone was much different in regard to the Kyrie 8’s set to hit the market soon. 

He issued a statement, in part saying:  

“When you’re building something great, there sometimes comes a point when you need to recalibrate and refocus to ensure everyone is aligned. This is where the KAI11 brand and Nike are. It was unfair to put the blame on Nike or any one person. With that being said, we are diligently working, restructuring, and reimagining things together to make sure we get it right.”

Is the PR disaster over?  Will kids want to wear these shoes? Will other NBA players want to rock these shoes?  Will Kyrie Irving even wear these shoes?

Here’s another possibility. Kyrie is genius, and this was a marketing ploy. 

Check out the discussion about Kyrie when he blasted Nike last week on SporTZ Now with Tom Zenner on Valuetainment Sports. 


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