Keeping Up With The Kardashians has been cancelled–by the Kardashians themselves. You may have heard a few weeks ago about this, and Kim Kardashian West now revealed more on Instagram that her family’s long-running E! reality series will come to an end next year with Season 20. For those of you Kardashian fans, that means they will call it a wrap in 2021 after filming for 14 years.

“This was a dream of all of ours. We never imagined we would get onto season two. Now we’re on 20. Sometimes we just need a break,” posted Kim Kardashian, who’s infamous sex-tape exposed the family to fame in the early days.

Diehards of the Kardashian clan know they will no longer be able relish in the reality of handbag fights, re-gifting scandals, ugly crying, a 72-day marriage, watching their dad become a woman or hearing their mom say, “You are doing amazing sweetie,” during the middle of a Playboy shoot. These will all be but distant memories from a fallen house of Kardashian cards.

Although the family is closing the front doors of their mansions, they will still be bringing home the bacon. Forbes called Kylie, the youngest in the family, a billionaire back in 2019. It has since been estimated she’s only a $900 millionaire. Her big sister, Kim, is worth about the same. The least paid is Kendall. She made just $30 million–which is super for a model, but poor by family standards.

So, while many of you may be biting your inflated bottom lip and wondering what in the world you will do now to keep up, consider this: There are a total of nine “kid-dashians.” If their mom’s say “no show,” they can always just go and ask their grandma.

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