China continues to show the world just how controlling a communist country can be. As the coronavirus initially surged in the city of Wuhan last year, both professional and citizen journalists flocked to China to document the outbreak of the disease and how it was spreading. One of those journalists who reported honest information about the virus has been sentenced to four years in jail for daring to speak out against the Chinese government.

Shanghai former lawyer Zhang Zhan filmed overflowing hospitals, empty streets and vacant public transportation stations, and even labs conducting secretive experiments.

As the COVID-19 pandemic grew, Wuhan officials actually suggested “gratitude training” for citizens to thank the government for its efforts to control the virus. Zhang questioned the bizarre suggestion on videos she posted to YouTube and social media, and now she has been charged with “picking quarrels and provoking trouble.” Her lawyer reported that she started a hunger strike while in detention earlier this year and security officials force-fed her through a tube.

As Zhang now faces four years in prison, China continues to push the narrative that it should be viewed as the hero as the pandemic rages on. The communist government sent more than 300 officials into Wuhan in an effort to push propaganda that included having nurses shave their heads to demonstrate their dedication to the cause.

Government officials are also profiting and gaining power off the pandemic, as they offer vaccines and access to healthcare services for the virus that they unleashed on the world.

The World Health Organization is expected to begin a pandemic inquiry soon on the rise of the COVID-19 virus and its origins, but it has already signed off on allowing Beijing the right to vet its experts. Thus, the report that will eventually be released by the WHO will basically be a China-approved version and most likely based on Chinese data.

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