The Biz Doc podcast is a weekly show, that covers the latest news and trends in the business world. Our host Tom Ellsworth offers his insights on the latest business news and offers advice to entrepreneurs and business owners. The show also features interviews with business leaders and experts.

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0:00 – Start
2:49 – Venture Capitalist Funding
9:25 – Why Is Funding Becoming So Hard to Come By?
11:22 – Drought in Funding by Country/Region
12:48 – Unicorn Companies (Companies worth $1Billion recently created)
17:13 – Biz Doc’s message “Don’t Give Up!”
20:20 – 95% of Americans Don’t Have Enough Savings
21:39 – Reality Check! An Idea is NOT A Plan
32:57 – Kitty Hawk Case Study
49:49 – Return To Office Wars

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