Being worth a couple hundred billion dollars means you can have a private trainer, nutritionist, chef, tailor, and style consultant available 24/7. However, you still have to have something money can’t buy to completely transform your body at the age of 57:  Determination. Motivation. Inspiration. 

Kudos to Jeff Bezos for putting the work in to go from a geeky nerd to someone who looks like he’s trying to be Vin Diesel’s body double on a “The Fast and The Furious” movie set. 

Having a beautiful girlfriend certainly has to be credited for part of the complete re-construction of Jeff Bezos’ physique shown off constantly on social media. 

Bezos and Lauren Sanchez are vacationing in St. Barts, and the photos of Bezos kayaking, hiking, sailing, sunning, and eating lunch are all over the internet.  People have no doubt noticed the night and day difference in the way he physically looks, and much of the credit is going to celebrity trainer Wesley Okerson, the man responsible for whipping the world’s second-richest person into shape. 

Chances are, you’ve seen Okerson’s work before. He’s the guy behind the physique of Tom Cruise, specifically in the movie “Valkyrie.”  He’s also worked with Gerard Butler, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Katie Holmes, to name a few. 

Not surprisingly, Okerson is also in St. Barts during the Holiday break, which means there have most likely been some early morning workouts going on in the Bezos’ vaca compound. 

Okerson’s work results are being noticed and applauded, including by Sanchez herself, who “liked” a photo of her and Bezos paddling a canoe on Instagram.  She added the caption, “Good job Wes!”

Leave it to Bezos; he found the one thing you can’t buy on Amazon and have delivered to your home; a new body!

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