We’re not sure whether the term “Bezos big” has caught on but, if recent reports about Amazon’s Jeff Bezos’ purchasing habits are any indication, he’s reached a new level.

He reportedly has landed a big, new boat.

What happens when the world’s richest guy goes through a divorce and moves toward untethering his commitment to business (in February he stepped down as Amazon CEO)? It’s not too much of a reach to predict a jaw-dropping personal spending spree.

Forbes lists Bezos’ worth at $177 billion, so anything goes. And the boat? Nah, it’s a yacht. 

Wait, it’s described as a superyacht, a term that had to be used for “Bezos big” boats.

(As an aside, if Bezos is having a traditional midlife crisis, he may be able to lend a spending/helping hand to recently divorced, fellow-billionaire Bill Gates.)

Let’s take a look at what we know about the boat, per Business Insider.

Bezos went shopping at Oceanco, a Netherlands-based yacht-builder.

His superyacht comes complete with a “support yacht” — with a helipad.

And insidehook.com wrote: 

“Congratulations are in order to former Amazon CEO and current multi-billionaire Jeff Bezos, who is reportedly in the process of becoming the proud owner of a brand new custom superyacht. Congratulations are also in order to Jeff Bezos’ new yacht, which is also getting a new yacht of its very own.”

Other details from Insider include:

  • It’s a three-mast ship, but further details are unknown, even among those in the exclusive luxury boat world.
  • Bezos’ girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, is a helicopter pilot and Bezos has taken flying lessons. 
  • Bezos’s boat will be 127 meters in length. 

Bezos is not just sitting around, sulking and downsizing. Instead, he’s seemingly all-in for going “Bezos big.”

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