Israel launched its vowed retaliatory airstrike against Iran, hitting close to nuclear sites and a major air base near the central city of Isafahn with drone attacks. However, both Iran and Israel downplayed the severity of these attacks, making it clear  not much was destroyed and that it would not spiral into a greater conflict.

In the late hours of Thursday and early hours of Friday morning, Iranian state-run news agency IRNA said the air defense batteries fired in multiple provinces, without explaining the reason. The Iranian High National Council did not hold a meeting, leading to the conclusion that the attacks were not devastating.

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Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi addressed the nation at the city of Damghan Friday, without even mentioning the Israeli attack. Instead, he brought up Iran’s attack on Israel last Saturday, calling it “necessary,” “obligatory,” and a “sign of the power of the Islamic republic and its armed forces.”

“It appears we’re closer than ever to a broad regional war, despite the fact that the international community will most likely make a great effort to de-escalate tensions,” Haaretz military affairs commentator Amos Harel wrote.

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