A man lit himself on fire in front of the Manhattan Court House in which the jury selection for former President Donald Trump’s criminal trial was taking place.

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A CNN live broadcast was filming at the time and caught the event on tape. Anchor Laura Coates said, “We have a man who is literally set fire to himself. A man hasn’t plays into himself outside of the courthouse just now, our cameras are turning right now, a man has now let himself on fire. … We are watching a man who was fully emblazoned in the front of the courthouse today, we’re watching multiple fires breaking out around his body and person. We have seen an arm that has been visible, that has been engulfed in total flames. There is chaos and it’s happening. People who are wondering right now if people are in danger. I’m looking at across the courtyard, there is a man racing with and aid.”

Another angle captured on film shows the moments before the blaze. We’ve made it available through this link as it is unable to be embedded here due to a content advisory warning.

The suspect was soon identified as Max Azzarello, who went by the username “@dipshit_secrets” on Instagram.

It appears the man was a left-wing radical who believed there will be a fascist takeover of the world:


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