The associate managing editor of the New York Times, Cliff Levy, seems to think that the newspaper has plans to actually “scrutinize” Joe Biden once he is president. A Twitter comment from Levy set off roars of laughter across the country and social media as the New York Times doesn’t exactly have a reputation of being tough on both sides.

In a Nov. 28 tweet, Levy said the “Core to the @nytimes mission: We will scrutinize the incoming administration just as thoroughly as we did the outgoing one.” While forwarding a link to a New York Times story that read “NYT takes deep look at WestExec, secretive consulting firm run by several key Biden advisors. WestExec has become effectively a White House in waiting. Clients include an Artificial Intelligence firm selling drones to Pentagon.”

The New York Times is reliably liberal, in fact New York Magazine recently published an inside look at the paper with a headline that read “In the Trump years, the New York Times became less dispassionate and more crusading, sparking a raw debate over the paper’s future.” The article went on to detail how the paper is “published by and for coastal liberals.”

New York Times opinion columnist and editor Bari Weiss announced her resignation from the paper back in July after she said she was bullied by colleagues and said, “showing up for work as a centrist at an American newspaper should not require bravery.”

The message from Levy was quickly mocked across social media with the satirical publication the Babylon Bee even offering him a job, tweeting “You’re funny, Cliff, would you like to write for us?”

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