There doesn’t seem to be an interview request Dr. Anthony Fauci will turn down. He’s the go-to guy to find out when kids should go back to school (now), when it will be safe to fill NBA arenas (summer, maybe), and this week he’s lending his unique expertise to fans of live theater shows on Broadway, opining on when it’s safe to go see “Phantom of the Opera” and not be worried about catching a case of COVID-19.

If it sometimes feels like Fauci randomly grabs dates completely out of the blue and tries to sell them, you’re not the only one that gets that vibe from hearing his warnings and tales of foreboding doomsday scenarios the past 10 months. But since he still holds the title of director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, his opinion is worth listening to.

Tuesday, he told WNBC Television that if people get vaccinated in spring when it becomes available to the general public, then things in this country should be getting back to normal by the end of summer.  Fauci also said Broadway actors could be singing and dancing again in early fall. “I think that will be completely dependent on the uptake of vaccines by the people of the country and specifically the people of New York,” Fauci remarked. “Since New York has many tourists, it probably is going to be the entire country.”

What exactly would it take for things to return to normal according to Fauci? Well, 75%-85% of people would need to get the vaccination.

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