Every day, the optimism grows around the country that things might be slowly getting closer to normal.

With vaccinations being conducted throughout the country, and the COVID-19 numbers of cases, hospitalizations and deaths continuing to plummet, more and more venues and destinations are starting to open up.

Some states, like Texas and Mississippi are completely open.  Arizona lifted their restrictions on occupancy limits on restaurants and bars on Friday.

Californians are feeling like they have been slowly released from house arrest. On Friday, it was announced that stadiums and theme parks will be allowed to welcome back visitors, with some serious limitations still in placer.

Starting April1, amusement parks, including Disneyland, will be eligible to to open up with 15% capacity.  If the numbers continue to decline.  The cap on attendance will rise as certain counties clear different progress tiers.

The parks will be limited to in-state visitors only, and there will not be indoor dining.

Outdoor sports events will be able to host fans.  Which means Dodger Stadium will have fans in the stands for the first time since 2019, with many excited to celebrate the Dodgers World Series championship team that looks to repeat in 2021.

In New York city, movie theaters are eligible to open starting Friday, and are limited to 25% of capacity.  No theater can exceed 50 people.

Indoor dining has been allowed again in San Francisco, and Los Angeles may follow suit as soon as next week.

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