Larry Page and Sergey Brin have laid low lately. They’ve settled into enjoying life as centi-billionaires, and why shouldn’t they? They worked around the clock founding Google and turning it into one of the most valuable companies in the world. But something has gotten their attention enough to have them rush back to Alphabet’s corporate headquarters for emergency meetings with company execs; OpenAI’s ChatGPT. 

Google is intent on closing the gap on the biggest threat they have faced since ever. They have ruled the world of search, with that business alone accounting for $149 billion of the bottom line. 

The good times have been rolling for a couple of decades, but this is a different time.  To quote CEO Sundar Pichai, the company is facing a “code red” regarding its AI challenge.  Their goal is to reveal more than 20 new products at some point this year, and one of them will be something similar to ChatGBT if things go according to plan. 

The New York Times had a story that put into perspective how serious things are for Google. They have never, ever faced a singular challenger like this before. 

“This is a moment of significant vulnerability for Google. ChatGPT has put a stake in the ground, saying, ‘Here’s what a compelling new search experience could look like.’”

If you are curious about the difference between Google and ChatGPT, Google search uses keywords, and ChatGPT relies on natural language processing to skim the internet and provide the context for what is being asked and then spit out a relevant answer. 

Microsoft is freaking out in Seattle, too, over ChatBPT and working on a new version of its Bing search engine, and eventually, incorporating features of ChatGPT into it.

Google has been accused of playing it too safe, with worries over copyright infringement and potential societal impacts. But they might be ready to take the gloves off now because they are facing the most significant threat in their existence. 


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