Does it seem like egg prices have blown up like a bodybuilder’s pecs after a cycle of anabolic steroids? Don’t worry; it isn’t your imagination.  It’s not an illusion. Prices for eggs went up 60% in 2022, according to the consumer price index. It’s not like chickens have gone on strike either; one group believes something fishy is going on. 

Never in the history of the planet has a dozen eggs cost as much as they do now and have for months. That is a 60% increase is as big as any percentage increase of a U.S. good or service, according to CNBC. 

If you prefer large Grade A eggs, they go for an average of $4.25 or so now, which is a 138% increase over the past year. Whoa. 

One reason why is the narrative the egg industry peddles, which is a massive outbreak of avian flu killed tens of millions of hens. However, an advocacy group called Farm Action believes there is a “collusive scheme” that egg producers have concocted to fix prices. They reported their beliefs to the Federal Trade Commission. 

It’s all about profits, according to Farm Action. Can you believe this? We’re talking about a scandal in the egg aisle. 

The U.S. Department of Agriculture reported 58 million bird deaths because of the avian flu, which is 8 million more than the old record from 2015.  If you’re wondering how many egg-producing hens there are in the U.S., we’re talking about 374 million chickens. 

Fuel oil was the other core category, with an over 40% increase in price from a year ago. Butter is up 35%, and Airfare has risen 28.5%. 

Do you know what items have decreased in price? Women’s dresses, major appliances, and bacon. 

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