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Perhaps you’ve lost everything or filed bankruptcy, and you no longer feel that you have what it takes to make a comeback as an entrepreneur. If that describes you, this video is for you!

In this video I’ll cover eight things you’ve gotta do to make a comeback

How to Make a Comeback as an Entrepreneur

#1: Find Out Why You Failed in the First Place 3:46

#2: Realize You’re Not as Bad — or as Good — as You Think You Are 7:03

#3: Be Prepared for Crap to Hit the Fan. Again. 7:58

#4: Don’t Back Off Too Much 8:47

#5: Don’t Stop Dating. Get Back in the Field but Don’t Rush to Get Married Immediately 11:38

#6: Don’t Let Failure Define You 13:10

#7: Seek Counsel from the Right Source 13:24

#8: Read Comeback Stories. Watch Comeback Movies. 13:33

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