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Smart people think nobody else can do their work better than them. Nobody. So they feel they have to control everything. Millionaires eventually figure out that if you want to scale and build a very big business, you have to learn that you can’t do it all by yourself. You need a lot of help. Millionaires go from being smart to being wise. Wise entrepreneurs learn to delegate and leverage.

In today’s video I talk about the 11 laws of delegation. I’ll also share with you the things you cannot delegate.

#1: Delegate Up – 0:57

#2: Use Time Effectively to Increase the Value of Your Business – 1:41

#3: Just Because You’re the Best at It Doesn’t Mean You Should Do It – 2:44

#4: Force Yourself Not to Do It – 3:16

#5: Duplicate: Teach Someone – 4:10

#6: Match Up Accordingly – 6:01

#7: Inspect Until You Trust – 6:58

#8: Be Clear on What You’re Expecting – 7:16

#9: Stop Doing $10 an Hour Jobs – 7:55

#10: Hire Project Managers or Contractors – 9:19

#11: Be a Leader, Not a Doer of All – 9:59

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What You Can’t Delegate – 10:58

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