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One of the biggest dangers that can stunt your entrepreneurial spirit is when you grow up. The time when you hit plateaus, and experience misfortunes, failures, and breakups. Anything that breaks your heart can move you from being an emotional, childlike creature, where you dream and believe anything is possible, to being logical. When that happens, the fire inside you turns off, and when it comes to creation, everything is wiped out.

I wanted to talk about this today because if you think about and study entrepreneurs, regardless of their age, the best entrepreneurs are childlike. Not childish or silly, or immature – childlike.

Let’s get into 11 reasons why the best entrepreneurs are childlike.

#1: Constantly Speaking the Dream Language – 3:17

#2: They Come to You With Different Approaches Until You Say Yes – 4:50

#3: They Persuade Emotionally Instead of Logically – 6:04

#4: Too Innocent to Understand What’s Impossible – 7:05

#5: They Are Extremely Curious – 9:10

#6: They Have a Reset Mentality – 10:17

#7: They Can Charm Their Way into Getting Anything They Want – 11:32

#8: Their Mind Never Stops – 12:22

#9: They Learn Faster – 13:25

#10: Life is Purely a Game – 13:54

#11: 16:18 – They Have a Childlike Mindset

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