Remember Adam Schiff? He’s the Russia, Russia, Russia guy in Congress, and the GOP just attempted to censure him for his attempted witch-hunt against former President Donald Trump.

Still, the Democratic Party powers that be are doing all they can to get him a promotion to the US senate. The California Congressman is running for the open seat of ailing Senator Dianne Feinstein, who, despite a seriously deteriorating mental state, has been propped up by Democrats to come to Washington to cement their judicial nominees.

There have been multiple calls for Feinstein to resign. If she did, California Governor Gavin Newsom said he’d replace a black woman in her place. But here’s the problem. There’s already a black woman running for Feinstein’s seat, Congresswoman Barbara Lee. With her decades of experience as a civil rights activist and then a member of congress, she’d be the obvious choice. But the establishment isn’t big on her since she voted against the Iraq War and simply won’t shut up about it. She’s not enough of a sycophant for them.

The other candidate, Congresswoman Katie Porter, is running strong against Schiff in the polls. But she’s too progressive and independent. She’s taken big pharmaceutical companies to task for hoarding their drug prices and for corruption in general. So that won’t do either.

The Dems breathed a sigh of relief as they felt Schiff’s chances remained pretty good, with Feinstein agreeing to the pressure to stay put in the senate.

But now tech exec Lexi Reese is preparing to jump into the race, throwing a total wrench in the establishment’s plans. Her entry certainly came out of left field, as Politico reports.

She was a key vice president at Google before making millions with her own tech company. She’ll have a ton of personal cash to self finance a campaign, becoming an automatic force to be reckoned with.

It looks like Reese will be taking a perhaps more realistic, conservative approach to the rest. She’ll most likely run as a Democrat, although the election is an open party one, so that’s not necessarily set in stone. She’s noted how families don’t feel safe in many cities across the state.

There’s no moderate Dem in the race. Lee and Porter run to Schiff’s right, but on party and establishment loyalty, Schiff takes home the good. He has former Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s endorsement. For moderate minded-voters, this might be a “pick your poison” decision for them.

But Reese is uniquely addressing California’s deteriorating quality of life.

And on the GOP side, former Los Angeles Dodgers all star and business man Steve Garvey is likely to throw his hat in the ring. While GOP candidates rarely have a chance, he might campaign to the middle and have a shot to pull it off.

Keep close watch of this senate race. The future of industry in California and thus the country depend on it.

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