Liberal group PACRONYM has turned to Jerry Seinfeld’s most despised mailman for a public service announcement hitting back at President Donald Trump for “interfering with the United States Postal Service.” Wayne Knight reprised his role as “Newman,” the postman from the “Seinfeld” sitcom, for the PSA, getting back into the outfit and character who was so often at odds with Jerry.

In the PSA, the 65-year-old actor makes it very clear that he and Trump do not reside in the same ideological area.

“Hello zip codes and you plus-fours — you know who you are. According to this month’s old issue of Dr. Roberta Greenburg’s Time magazine subscription, there’s been a systematic, premeditated assault on the U.S. mail by President Trump and his so-called postmaster general,” Knight says in character, before spitting on the ground.

“That guy’s never even licked a stamp!” he continued. “They’ve had the unmitigated gall to try to slow down the mail. When everybody knows who can slow down the mail is a mailman! They’ve shortened working hours. They’ve got missing mailboxes. They’re decommissioning sweet, sweet sorting machines to try to delay voting by mail. And it’s not just your mail-in ballots you’ve got to worry about. Oh no-no-no-no. You’ve got to worry about your grandmother’s blood pressure medicine, your Social Security checks, military benefits, and millions and millions of Crate & Barrel catalogs.”

Knight went on to call the U.S. Post Office debacle a “nightmare” and added, “When the mail stops, the world stops!” The actor went on to declare that “Newman” is “not a political person,” noting that the last time he went to vote was “for Flavor of the Month at Baskin-Robbins.”

Newman ends the spot with one last zinger aimed squarely at Trump: “All right, Donnie, you know those tax returns? The ones you don’t want anyone seeing? You should never have mailed those,” he said. He followed up the statement with his signature sinister laugh.

In the spirit of equal time, it would only be fair if “Peterman” or “David Puddy” were to star in a similar PSA if they had any issues with Joe Biden.

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