It’s been a minute since George Clooney has been in a hit movie, but can you blame him if he’s more interested in kicking it on a beach? He did sell the tequila brand he and partners Michael Mellman and Rande Gerber created for a cool billion dollars. 

While George is busy chilling, Casamigos is on fire.  It’s hard to turn on the radio and not hear a rapper or hip-hop star name drop Casamigos in a song. 

A story in The Atlantic showcased that the word is all over the place. 

Lil Baby seems to be a big fan, as he dropped into his lyrics in the Nicky Minaj song, “Do We Have a Problem?” And Drake’s “Girls Want Girls.”

Casamigos may want to consider charging Salty Santana a licensing fee since the tequila has been mentioned in four songs in the past two years. 

The leader in the clubhouse has to be Soulja Boy, who released a song called “Casamigos” in 2021. 

Clooney and Co launched the tequila in 2013 and sold it to Diageo for a small fortune six years later.  Hearing Casamigos mentioned in songs is not a new phenomenon either; singers have used it as a mixer in their lyrics for almost a decade. Atlantic’s story references Young Thug using the word on his song “Sin” in 2018 as the point where things took off, and other rappers joined in on giving Casamigos a shout-out. 

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