The NHL might be facing a pretty serious problem, and the other three major leagues are silently praying that if it’s true, it’s an isolated incident.

Evander Kane is a forward for the San Jose Sharks, and his wife has made explosive accusations that her husband not only has bet on his own team’s games, but he has intentionally tried to lose games to profit on his bets.

Wow, that’s a mortal sports sin wrapped in complete lunacy if true.

The NHL is aware of it, and planning a full explanation.

Here’s how the can of worms opened up. Anna Kane wrote on Instagram: “How does the NHL let a compulsive gambling addict still play when he’s obviously throwing games to win money? Hmm, maybe somebody needs to address this.”

Not exactly subtle.

There’s more.

“Can someone ask Gary Bettman how they let a player gamble on his own games? Bet and win with bookies on his own games?”

Why is she so ticked off? She said her hubby is spending huge amounts of money partying in Europe while asking her to sell her wedding ring and also saying he couldn’t afford baby formula for their child.

Here’s what the NHL said. “The integrity of our game is paramount and the League takes these allegations very seriously.”

Here’s what the Sharks said. “The San Jose Sharks have been in contact today with the National Hockey League about the serious allegations made against Evander Kane. We support a full and transparent investigation into the situation to maintain the integrity of the game and consistency with our team values.”

On Sunday, Kane tried to get in front of the story be denying everything his wife said on her Instagram post. He put his denial on Twitter.

“I have NEVER gambled/bet on Hockey, NEVER gambled/bet on a Sharks game, NEVER gambled/bet on any of my games and NEVER thrown a hockey game. The facts are I personally had my best season of the my career last year and was the most consistent I’ve been throughout any season, I’m proud of that. I love the game of Hockey and would never do any of what was alleged. I look forward to cooperating fully with the league’s investigation, having my name cleared and looking forward to this upcoming season.”


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