A standard Tesla warranty on a Model S will be good for eight years or 150,000 miles, but there’s a catch; it doesn’t cover “damage resulting from intentional actions,” which means the guy in Finland who blew up his car and posted the video on YouTube is not going to be able to repair it. 

Tuomas Katainen was looking at a pretty hefty $22,000 repair bill for his 2013 Tesla because of water leaks and error codes.  He had his car towed to a shop, where after a month, he was told the cost to fix the car would be $22,000, roughly half the price of a new one. 

Since he wasn’t down for paying such a ridiculous price, he instead got a hold of some of his favorite YouTubers and had them strap the car with 66 pounds of explosives.  So he could blow it to smithereens. 

After taking out the lithium-ion battery, motor, and price components under the hood, he took the gutted whip a couple of hours outside of Helsinki and videotaped the destruction of his car. 

The video has now been seen over 5 million times. 

Things went off without a high thanks to demolition experts from the YouTube channel Pommijatkat, (Bomb Dudes) as it was clear that Tuomas really thought this through. 

Oh, and the bomb squad did one more thing that was pretty clever and has been one of the reasons the video is so popular.  A helicopter came in after the car was strapped with all the bombs, and a mannequin with the face of Elon Musk was strapped into the driver’s seat.  

They called the mannequin “Elon Mask.”  The entire video is quite entertaining. 


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