The coffee liqueur company Kahlua wants to do their part to get people to spend less time on their electronic devices and more time with each other in 2022, and they are going to pay $25,000 to do it. 

Inspired by the fact that half of Americans admit they spend five to six hours on their phone every single day, Kahlua is issuing a lucrative challenge to couples in the U.S. that are okay taking a one-month break from internet-based technology.  

The context is called “Kailua Stir Up Your Routine,” and one couple is going to win $25,000 if they can ween themselves off social media and the internet for a month. 

The winners will have to pass a polygraph test before they get the big check, to prove they are telling the truth, and the company is going to try to help with things to do during those 30 days with their “Kahula Kit,” which is a metal bar cat filled with 30 nights of activities. 

Here’s some official wording from the contest rules, saying the polygraph test will be overseen by a “sponsor-appointed representative to confirm their participation and engagement in the sponsor-provided activities and verify that they completed the requirement to be ‘internet and social media free’ in a manner acceptable by sponsor during the designated time period for each of the 30 nights of the challenge.”

If you think you have what it takes to put your phone, tablets, and computer aside for a month, apply for the contest at 

Oh, if you don’t have the power to avoid electronic devices for a month, you can follow updates on the challenge on social media with the hashtag  #KahluaStirItUpChallenge.

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