Starting and running a business is hard. A business owner/entrepreneur understands how much work it is to run a company. People have to put in all their effort and hustle every day to grow the business. But often  security exploiters or hackers find ways to get into businesses’ databases and take advantage of their success. By doing so, they can get access to a lot of valuable and critical information. These kinds of cases happen all the time around the world. That is why every business owner needs to prioritize cybersecurity. 

Enter Deepak Gupta, Co-founder, and CTO of LoginRadius, Developer, Author, and Global Speaker. He is the author of “Handbooks of computer networks and cybersecurity” which has received tremendous popularity. Deepak has been featured in numerous international publications for his innovative work around technology and cybersecurity. To inspire new generations and increase awareness about data privacy and cybersecurity, he frequently contributes to the world’s leading media publications like ForbesFastCompany, CIO,, and more. 

What is impressive about Deepak is his passion to build a technological world where businesses and individuals are protected. With LoginRadius, a rapidly expanding Customer Identity Management provider, he has been able to globally secure over one billion digital identities.

Even knowing about the security issues many entrepreneurs don’t pay proper attention to them. In the future, it comes back in the form of expensive errors that are impossible to fix. – Deepak Gupta 

Right now our technology is getting increasingly innovative and advanced. Small businesses can expand and achieve exponential growth with a robust product and by solving a real problem. Getting to millions of revenue has never been easier than for today’s advanced technological ecosystem. But on the flip side, cybercrimes have also become easier and much more advanced. People were trying to get into business systems before and are still doing it. With the progression of technology, hackers are getting more sophisticated and can steal and leak business data seamlessly. 

Deepak mentioned “Numerous companies never get a chance to rise once their security has been breached. Once lost, it is nearly impossible to get back the trust of customers. Not having strong cybersecurity measures in place poses reputational risk, disrupts organization workflow, and causes loss of revenue and even lawsuits.” 

The quicker your business grows, the more visibility it gets and the more tempting it becomes as a target. Having robust cybersecurity measures in place in the early phase of the business will grow users’ confidence in your product and shows your seriousness towards protecting customers’ data and privacy.Investors are willing to fund a secure business where information is managed properly and general compliances are met. As the business expands, that puts it in a better position to more easily acquire security compliances such as ISO 27001, SOC2, GDPR, Privacy Shield, etc.

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